My $2 Custom White Balance filter

Last week I tried out an expensive ($70) white balance instrument that came from Korea. It worked liked the booklet said it would. But, by that same token, anything is better than the standard AWB setting on the the DSLR.

I promised I would have a look at cheaper options and the results are in. The Mennon WB filter is a piece of plastic (I bought the 77mm version to handhold over the largest lens diameter I have). It was very cheap. I took two images, one without and one with. The results speak for themselves:

With $2 Custom White Balance target

Without Custom White Balance target

So, what does this mean for color critical  work? Well, the white plastic material is probably not spectrally flat and may introduce color shifts if the end product is color critical. However, it is smaller, lighter, does a decent job and is $68 cheaper……..

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